The studio is where I compose music and manipulate, mangle and dissect an assortment of audio sources. The setup is flexible enough to allow me to work on a variety of projects, including audio recording, archival and enhancement.


The computer workstation is the hub of the studio and is made up of:



Software Instruments

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Korg Triton Studio

The Korg Triton Studio is the principle keyboard in the studio, providing an astonishing range of sounds, sampler, a weighted 88 key keyboard

  • CD Burner
  • 96MB RAM
  • EXB2: Studio Essentials
  • EXB5: Vintage Archives
  • EXB6: Orchestra #1
  • EXB7: Orchestra #2

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Kurzweil PC161

The Kurzweil PC161 provides a lighter keyboard action than the Korg Triton and another 16 MIDI channels of Kurzweil quality sounds.

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Westbury Standard Electric Guitar

6 string electric guitar with DiMarzio super distortion pick-ups.

The only customizations performed on this guitar are a brass nut instead of the original plastic and straplocks to avoid the guitar inadvertently coming loose from the strap.

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Epiphone FT-140 6 String Acoustic Guitar

6 string acoustic guitar with a full sound.

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