Friends and Relations

Eddie Jobson Web-Site

Eddie Jobson

Eddie's web-site is still a work in progress.

The forum is very active and a great place to read and discuss all things "Eddie"

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UKZ & U_Z Project

UKZ was a group that Eddie put together that produced the "Radiation" EP. It now incorporates the U_Z project where a diverse array of musicians play music from their back-library, including versions of songs from UK, King Crimson and The Mahavishnu Orchestra

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Amadian is a Madrid based celtic fusion folk group which I had the pleasue of playing with for a few years.

Its particular style is a fusion of traditional celtic music with ethnic rythms, world music, several pints of cold beer and big doses of good humour.

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Carmen Lazaro

Carmen Lazaro

Carmen Lazaro was my piano teacher until recently. Carmen is a wonderful, warm person and also a tremendously talented musician, composer and sound designer. There are very few people who can sculpt sound to create an emotional response as skilfully as Carmen.

Please visit her blog here

See videos of Carmen on her Vimeo page here.

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Manuel Alvarez Ugarte

Manuel Alvarez Ugarte

Manuel Alvarez is an acoustic guitarist from Argentina. His music is steeped in the musical traditions of his home country, as well as incorporating influences from other Latin American countries. Despite the traditional influences, Manuel's music is uniquely original and contemparary, taking the traditional and applying his aesthetic to create a 21st century sound.

Visit Manuel's Bandcamp site here

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Other Music Sites

Although I am not connected to these sites, they are ones that I return to regularly because I enjoy the music and/or their communities.

Frost* A British musical ensemble of some repute


Frost is a progressive group led by the very talented Jem Godfrey. After three stunning albums ('Milliontown', 'Experiments in Mass Appeal' and 'The Philadelphia Experiment') we are now looking forward to their next release scheduled for the end of 2013 or early 2014.

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Tinyfish - The world's smallest progressive rock band


Tinyfish is a five-piece band based in South London (and Reading and Maidstone and Gothenburg, Sweden). Their last album "The Big Red Spark" was a fascinating concept album, building on the strong songwriting and musicianship that marked their previous releases. Check them out and don't miss their forum; a haven of fun, enthusiasm and utter insanity.

Also worth checking out is the new solo project Shineback from the Tinyfish front-man Simon Godfrey (brother of Jem Godfrey from Frost* - a talented family!). Read about the ground-breaking album 'Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed' at the web-site and buy the album (as well as the Tinyfish recordings and merchandise) from The Merch Desk.

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Matt Stevens - makes guitar noodles

Matt Stevens

Matt Stevens is a hugely talented musician, creating imaginative and provocative instrumentals by looping his guitar playing. His last studio release; 'Relic' has deservedly received rave reviews amongst the music press and cognoscenti. See the rest of the bandcamp pages for his other releases.

Matt also plays guitar with the post-rock group 'The Fierce and the Dead'.

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Bad Elephant Music

Bad Elephant is the music label for Simon Godfrey's Shineback project, as well as The Fierce and the Dead and The Gift. The label provides support to the artists without imposing on the creative process. Read the full manifesto on the web-site.

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Non-Music Related

Pirina Jewellery On-line Retailer

My sister's jewellery web-site

It is Pirina's aim to bring the high street experience of high quality and affordable designer jewellery and accessories to your home, providing the convenience of shopping online.

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