Crumar T2 Organizer

I bought the Crumar T2 Organizer from a friend, who at the time was the keyboard player for local prog rock group Glacier.

This was a great sounding organ, made even better with the addition of a footswitch that I made to be able to trigger the leslie rotor speed.

The big drawback was the weight. I used this with Mirror Image and to get to the rehearsal I had to get it down stairs, enlisting the help of my father as I couldn't lift it on my own. My father suffers from a heart complaint and I think there were days when helping me with that keyboard nearly finished him off (though thankfully not).

  • Purchased: 1984
  • Sold 1986
  • Gigged with: Mirror Image

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Instrument Description

The Crumar T2 Organizer is a dual manual drawbar organ with a simulated rotary speaker (Leslie) effect. It also features presets and the facility to incorporate bass pedals.

If you can help to complete this description, please drop me a line


If you can help to complete this specification, please drop me a line